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Personal Injury - areas of expertise

My specific area of expertise for personal injury litigation is in soft tissue injury and fractures around the knee joint, and lower limb trauma in general;

  • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries of the knee joint

  • PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) injuries of the knee joint

  • Collateral ligament injuries (MCL, medial collateral ligament and LCL, lateral collateral ligament) of the knee joint

  • Multiple ligament injuries of the knee

  • Meniscal injuries ("cartilage injuries")

  • Fractures of the knee joint

    • patellar fractures​

    • tibial plateau fractures (proximal tibial fractures)

    • distal femoral fractures

  • Extensor mechanism injuries

    • ruptures and injuries of the quadriceps tendon​

    • ruptures and injuries of the patellar tendon

  • Complex regional pain syndrome affecting the knee joint region

  • Post-surgical knee issues including fractures around knee replacements

  • Lower limb amputation - indications and litigation consequences of amputation

I also provide personal injury medico-legal reports for the following injury types;

  • lower limb fractures (femoral and tibial fractures)

  • ankle fractures

  • injuries in children (paediatric injury)

  • sports injuries of the lower limb

For the mutiple injured patient, I am happy to provide an "overall report" for upper limb, lower limb and spinal injuries, and where necessary, recommend expert opinion from spinal experts, upper limb experts, hip experts, foot and ankle experts, experts in Pain Medicine and experts is Psychology and Psychiatry.  However, In general, I am not a true specialist opinion for;

  • head injuries

  • neck and spinal injuries

  • upper limb and brachial plexus injury

  • hand injuries

  • complex pelvic trauma

  • major foot and ankle trauma

Personal Injury litigation reports that I prepare are paginated and formatted as;

  • documents considered

  • history of accident / event and subsequent progress

  • past medical and social history

  • current symptoms

  • current examination findings

  • radiological investigations

  • review of medical records

  • review of other experts reports

  • opinion and prognosis

    • brief chronology​

    • specific diagnosis

    • causation

    • effect on employment

    • effect on personal, social and domestic issues

    • disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010

    • recommendations for further expert opinion

    • recommendations and costings of further treatment

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