Availability for Conferences with Counsel and attendance at Court

As of 1st January 2020 I am NOT available on the following dates;

Please note TELEPHONE conferences with Counsel can be arranged on most days via calling 01753 868622.  The dates below relate to dates I am unavailable for physical attendance at Court or conference.

ALL Thursdays all day (unless discussed in advance)

ALL Wednesdays until after 3pm (unless discussed in advance)


Friday 3 January

Monday 6 January

Friday 10 January

13-21 January inclusive (not available for telephone conferences as well)

28 January PM

29 January - 7 February inclusive (telephone conferences PM only)

Tuesday 11 February

Friday 14 February

Friday 21 February

25 February - 6 March inclusive (not available for telephone conferences as well)

Tuesday 10 March PM

Friday 13 March

23-27 March inclusive (not available for telephone conferences as well)

6-14 April inclusive (telephone conferences PM only)

4-8 May

26 May - 2 June inclusive

23 June - 26 June inclusive

10-14 July inclusive

21-24 July inclusive 

10-22 August inclusive

25 September - 2 October

Monday 26 October

7-11 December

Please note that the dates above are provided only as a guide and change daily.  
Please contact my office on 01753 868622 or email jo.kuhl@windsorkneeclinic.co.uk for definitive availability.

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